Audio Production:
Kristallnacht is an industrial-dance metal band based in Slovenia and “Wake Up” is their second single.
Disco drums, massive overdriven guitars and a catchy synth lead all come together to form a song that even your grandma would shake her hips to.

The first step to creating this Visualiser was chosing a floor/background image.
We chose something that would feed into the industrial mood of the track.
A nice walkway texture did the trick.

Using a textures plugin, we were able to come up with some very realistic looking textures to complement and stylise the visual elements of the video.

Once this was achieved, we were able to flesh out the project with some excitement in its lighting effects, and the fun parts; the animation.
The animation was undertaken using blender software, where we took advantage of its ability to bake the audio into F-Curves.
The visualiser was then mirrored to fill out the visuals and give it a sense of excitement, reflecting the great track behind it.

Once this was achieved, the final touch was to add some Chromatic Aberration (fig.1 & fig.2), subtle light animation and manipulation.


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